Soul KnightIf after a hard day at work you want to react, unloading emotions by playing the game on the phone, we can recommend Soul Knight Hack. The plot of the game is quite simple. Aliens have stolen important stones responsible for the balance in the universe. Your task is to recover them.
The game starts with a few scenes with text.
At each level of the game, we have a lot of opponents to overcome, which means that we will not be bored. During the game, we will be accompanied by pleasant music.
Our opponents will appear in the chambers and we fight them with a view from above on our hero. We must defeat all heroes and reach the portal that will take us to the next room. Sometimes we have to overcome the barefoot with which the duel is not the easiest but it only diversifies the game.
During the game, we collect various weapons to help us fight. We can exchange the collected coins to unlock new characters such as:

  • villain
  • wizard
  • vampire
  • alchemist

We can see that during the game a small kitten accompanies us, he is our helper but with time we can change it into another animal.
Soul Knight is a game in which there is also a lot of micropayments which is not surprising today. By paying real money, we can receive money for which we will improve our character. Of course, you can avoid it. On the internet, there are a lot of pages from Soul Knight hack and Soul Knight cheats where we can add points to our game account for free.
To sum up, Soul Knight is not a very complicated game but because it is a typical shooter, it’s great for unloading emotions after a hard day at work or at school. I recommend downloading it from the official google play or app store website.