Fortnite is a game that millions of people have loved all over the world. Currently, the EPIC studio has finished 6 series and presents another 7. Now let’s see what producers have prepared for the players and whether this series will repeat the success of its predecessors. The title island of Fortnite has been expanded to include expeditionary posts and cold flights to the snowy part of the island. We have at our disposal light biplane aircraft equipped with a machine gun called Stormwings.

People who bought Fortnite Battle Pass for this season. They will have already the 13th December the opportunity to test a sticker that allows us to adapt our vehicles and weapons to the style and color of our clothes. This creative mode for many players begins to resemble the Minecraft game, very popular in recent years.

The trailer of the new season published on Twitter looks very encouraging. Snowboarding and winter scenery captivates all fans. But only after the first game we will be able to evaluate it 100%. One thing is for sure, the ePic studio will want to show the best views of its new game series, the end of which is scheduled for February 27, 2019.

Wait for our review!!