Total Conquest Hack

Total Conquest
Gold (0 - 999 999)
Food (0 - 999 999)
Token (0 - 999 999)
Anti-Ban System

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Total conquest belongs to the computer games. It is new, modern, nice for players. It is great, social and strategic game soi t means that it requires logical thinking and constant activity. Players love this sort of games and they play them willingly. Gold and food is delivered to the city. Each farmer and inhabitants will pay us taxes and rents in gold and we will take care of their safety and support in their place of living. The players prepare farms for cultivation and nice houses for other people in order to provide them with the most wonderful living possibilities. Players have to fight with enemies. It is fascinating game that gives a lot of fun and nice time for all the people. Total conquest shall be played by teenagers and older people not by children as it is too complicated for them. Our city can be attacked by other players and we have to be aware of this threat and ready to fight with them. Nice time happens and struggle also happens such is reality of this game. Such icons as Battle and Find a Match are really helpful for all the players, remember about them and use them as often as possible. Gold and Apples are used in the game. Gold is used to build houses and take care of them as well as improve them. Food is important to train people and develop their skills. During attacks for the places of other players we can steal vast quantities of gold and many apples. Other players can rob us what is a threat and we must be really careful about it. We need a space to store both gold and apples so to must be prepared. Random matches help the player to have a play with a random people, unknown previously. The option Random Player is worth using. Option Revenge is not very fair but it is used from time to time when a player needs the support of his Legion members. Using manual and hints will make a player really successful.

Nice, wonderful, great and it is a satisfaction for all the people. Game is popular and it enjoys many performances so join the world of the Total Conquest. This game is interesting and it makes people plan carefully all the time they have to relax and leisure. Lack of care creates some problems. Total Conquest is equipped with a very good manual, supportive and helpful. People love to use it especially when they are total beginners. Even more, experienced players use them from time to time. Logical thinking, nice time, a lot of virtual friends and development of playing skills are obtained by the players after some time. Success is something within the reach of hand to play, have a nice time and develop. Some skills and knowledge will be helpful and supportive, believe us. We love this game and would like to express our belief that you will love it from the very first moment. Coming to some conclusions, the game is strategical ones. The nice thing is a great topic. Players love it and choose very often from other games. The game is new, it was released at the end of January 2018. It can be used on Android, Windows, IOS, Java. We believe that players will love this game and take it everywhere they go. It is good for long trips and moments of relaxing and boredom. Developing city and army is a great topic so a player can feel like an emperor. Being a ruler is a dream of all the children. It comes true in such an unexpected way.